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Connecting flights

Explorer C

This will be my first time flying with a connecting flight. Will I need to print 2 boarding passes when I leave because my trip is from Los Angeles to St. Louis 2 1/2 hour layover there then from there I go to Orlando. Will my first boarding pass get me on my second flight as well? And when I check in 24 hours before will that get me checked in into my second flight as well or how does that work?


Re: Connecting flights

Aviator A

So at 24 hours before your first flight you should check in and you will get 2 boarding passes 1 for the flight from LAX-STL you will also have a boarding pass for the STL-MCO flight which you can print both passes starting at the 24 hour mark you can also use the Southwest mobile app to check in and you can use the mobile boarding pass if you want. 


You don't need to check in twice for the flight unless the LAX-STL and STL-MCO are on different confirmation numbers.