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Costumer Service

Explorer C

Customer Service in check-in and boarding in Las Vegas was the worst we experienced! They will definitely ruin your vacation! Not only with their check in and boarding system, flights are always delayed, they’re still using the pandemic to make an excuse to always not follow their schedule, they are one of the worst in customer service!!! or at least depends on the city or state! The staffs in check in and boarding will ruin your experience with southwest! Yes, keep making good advertisements and deals, low prices and free baggage, you need that to attract passengers! Because with customer service you have and always delayed flights, this company will lose millions! people will look somewhere else, we’d rather pay extra than ruin our day with your empoyees! I feel bad for the good ones, they do their best but with some unpleasant work ethics of their co workers, they will be affected by complaints! 


Re: Costumer Service

Aviator A

Sorry your disappointed feel free to write an email to southwest directly by clicking the contact us link at the bottom of this page. 

Re: Costumer Service

Aviator A

I'm sorry that you had a bad experience, but your rant is woefully short of ANY details about what happened, so it is hard to relate.