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Customer Service Complaint

Explorer C

I missed my connecting flight from NYC to MCO. I've never missed a flight. I spoke to the CSA in NYC to try and re-book me to get to my final destination MEM. I need/needed to really get home. At first she said that wasn't possible...Due to it only being flights to Chicago. She issued me travel credit. It wasn't until I explained I was a former employee of Southwest. And while we were talking I googled a flight from MDW to MEM. I could actually make it. I walked to try to contact SWA customer service, the wait was too long.  I went back up to the desk. And showed her what I think would work again. She blamed the system for not working and then said I would I have to purchase separate tickets after calling SOS. I didn't mind paying the difference. The flight was boarding and it was taking forever. So, I told her not worry about it. I don't know if she used the full amount or what she did. I appreciated her help though. I brought a ticket when I got to MDW to MEM. A lady name Octavia and a ramp agent name Joshua were terrible. They have terrible customer service.


Re: Customer Service Complaint

Aviator A

Seems like they did make an effort to work with you, you just decided you didn't want to/couldn't wait.


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