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Customer of size

Explorer C

We will be flying next month and wondering if my husband will be ok without a seat belt extender.  He is 5'7 and around 320.  Should we do early bird check in?


Thank you for you input.


Re: Customer of size

Aviator A

I suggest you review Southwest's customer of size policy if you haven't already.


The policy suggests preboarding so you should be able to utilize that instead of purchasing EarlyBird Check-In. You should also consider purchasing the extra seat that is described in the policy.


Regarding seatbelt extensions, here's what the policy says:

"Only one seatbelt extension may be used and only seatbelt extensions provided by Southwest Airlines are approved for use onboard our aircraft."


Have a great trip! 



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Re: Customer of size

Explorer C

Thank you for your reply. I will review the link you attached.