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Delay & Service

Explorer C

Recently I took a trip to Las Vegas for work, flying from Sacramento on a Sunday and back on a Wednesday. While the Captain in Sacramento was kind and the attendants nice, the lack of communication on flight delays left a but to be desired. We were only shown our flight was delayed, it was never announced. When we finally got on a plane, we left the gate, pulled toward the runway, went back to the gate with a mechanical issue, then sat for an hour. We were told it would be a few minutes to find out what we needed to to (get a new plane or get the issue fixed). I understand technical issues, however, a few minutes does not equate to an hour. We then were taken off the plane and sent into the airport to wait for a decision, only to have an announcement 2 minutes later that the flight was cancelled. After some work...we were placed on a new flight, having to wait 6 more hours (all in all spending 10 unneeded hours at the airport).

On returning to Sacramento, we had similar issues. I arrived 2 hours early as I usually do, only to find 30 minutes prior to boarding that my gate had changed. There was NO notice, NO announcement of this happening. I only caught it as I check my flight status regularly as not to miss anything. Once I made it to the new gate, our flight became delayed by 45 minutes or so. Once on the plane, preparing to leave, the flight attendant at the back of the plane had the WORST attitude. He was rude to several travelers, especially to a mother of a very small child who was trying to keep said child calm. He spoke to her in a very curt manor that was not becoming of a flight attendant (whose role is service). After sitting on the plan for an hour (with no offer of a beverage or snack and the captain telling us it would be a few minutes) we were taken off the plane while we waited for a new plane. This plane came to us 3 hours later. While the crew in the airport did a pretty good job of staying jovial and kind, the same flight crew loaded on, even Mr. Grouchy pants. Now our delay is over4 hours. Once on the new plane, we are then spoken to curtly by the attendants. Upon arrival, we were met by no apology, no offer of anything. 

Needless to say at this point, its going to take a lot of encouragement for me to fly Southwest again. 


Re: Delay & Service

Aviator A

I bet that was not a  lot of fun.


Sounds like you should file TWO complaints with SW. One for the outbound flight, and a second for the return flight. Southwest will likely issue   travel vouchers, good for future travel, for both of them.


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