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Denver baggage service

Explorer C

This is for shanella and saras. I had some problems with my boss on my card and all that drama and I had checked in my bag already and left my checks and chargen cable in my bag and the checks where for food and drinks . so I came up to the baggage service and asked what we could do so I could get my stuff . So saras went down stares to try and find my bag couldn’t find it bc the bag people that put bags on the planes put my bag on an earlier flight to where I’m goin . So I couldn’t get what I needed bc it was going to be 3 hrs till my flight was here and ready . So when she came back her and shanella helped me out by lettin me charge my phone and givin me sum to eat and drink witch I am very grateful for because it was the first time I had eaten in 2 days bc I’m broke tryin to get to my rig so I can start drivin again . Over all it was the best experience I’ve ever had at any air line 


Re: Denver baggage service

Aviator A

@Bigjhon2550 wrote:



Glad to hear that things worked out. You just found out why Southwest perennially ranks #1 in customer service.


However, since this is a customer forum, if you want shanella and saras to receive recognition

from Southwest, use the following link to provide the compliment.


We sure to include, airport, time of day, that it was in baggage service and of course the names of the two employees.

Re: Denver baggage service

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I doubt there is anyone keeping count, but if there was a customer satisfaction vs nonsatisfaction ratio count being taken, the numbers would overwhelmingly show customer satisfaction very high.  Sadly, it's just those that are unsatisfied that will pursue signing up to this forum and post.  I'm not saying they shouldn't because things do go wrong and people need to vent if it does.   But overall, I feel SWA has been true to its word and tried to give us LOVE, as much as it can.  Every company and organization will have those employees that don't stay the course, or something will go wrong, that's life.  Thanks, SWA, I've been frustrated at times, but 98% of the time I'm very satisfied with them.  Keep it up.