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Disabled Traveler

Explorer C

I am disabled and had a very bad experience with Southwest before a flight in August of 2021 due to my disability.  I complained to Southwest.  I was given a case number, I was told I would receive $150 gift card in my email.  I never received this.  I have called Southwest at least 12 times since August of 2021.  Every time the customer service person tells me it will be in my email in 48 hours and it never comes. 


I also had a difficult experience with Southwest in March of this year.  I complained but never received a case number and no one contacted me back.


Does anyone have any advice on how to directly contact a higher up person in customer relations?  I have never been able to speak with one.

Thank you!


Re: Disabled Traveler

Frequent Flyer B

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Re: Disabled Traveler

Aviator A

Your biggest mistake is calling. Send a message to Southwest instead so there is a paper trail and it gives Southwest more time to investigate things instead of forcing an individual on a phone to do/say something that will end the phone call quickly. This applies to all companies, not just Southwest.

Use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message.


Have you checked your spam folder for the missing email? Perhaps try having it sent to a different email address. 



Re: Disabled Traveler

Explorer C

Thank you so much for your response.  I will use the link at the bottom of the page.  I have checked my email spam and found nothing.  I was concerned may be it was going to a different email but that is the only email they have on file.  I'm hoping this can be resolved soon.  Thank you for your advice.