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Disabled vet harassed for loose mask

Explorer C

My father was kicked off a flight in Minneapolis for wearing his mask loose. Some dumb fat blonde woman felt it was her 'duty' to harass my father for this. Please. I am so sick of idiots throwing their weight around just to have one over on another human being over this. Get a life, would you?


Re: Disabled vet harassed for loose mask

Aviator A

I'm sick of people thinking it's ok to call someone a "dumb fat blonde".

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Re: Disabled vet harassed for loose mask

Frequent Flyer A

I applaud your father for his service. However, that doesn't entitle him to not follow the rules, think that he should get to do whatever he likes, or make others sick. Being a veteran doesn't give him free license to spread a virus and kill others. Sorry if you feel that it does.

Re: Disabled vet harassed for loose mask

Aviator C

@Heidi2020 @bwallet @TheMiddleSeat 


I agree with bwallet, nor does it give you the right to use physical slurs about a person.  From the advice of Themiddleseat, you should send your complaint to customer service, but I personally don't think if you start it off with, fat blonde, that they will make it their priority, I wouldn't.  If this is true, sorry for the incident, but what makes you any better when you slander somebody about physical features, it doesn't get my sympathy, just FYI.  

Re: Disabled vet harassed for loose mask

Aviator C

I understand your frustration, but don’t let your comment (made in anger) take away from the issue that occurred. The vet deserves respect and the complaint will not go anywhere if you talk about people like that. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion