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Disappearing Known Traveler Number

Explorer C

I've been a Global Entry and TSA Pre check member for years.  All of a sudden, my precheck status is missing from my Southwest boarding passes.  Recently, I have been traveling as a "companion pass" with my wife, also a GE and TSA Precheck member.  Her precheck status shows up, but mine doesn't.  


I am leaving on a flight this Sunday and found I couldn't add my known traveler number online (it's on my RR account, etc.). I called to have it added, but my status is still showing non-TSA Pre.  Any ideas?  Help!


Re: Disappearing Known Traveler Number

Aviator A

Unfortunately, Southwest has some issues with KTN's properly populating to an itinerary. While they'll tell you that "PreCheck is never guaranteed," you should be getting it 95%+ of the time. If you've called and had them add the KTN and Pre is still not showing up, you should 1) verify that the KTN is correct, and 2) verify that the name on your reservation exactly matches the name on your Global Entry (including middle name or initial). Good luck!