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Disappointing Customer Service

Explorer C

I normally do not take the time to create posts but something in me decided to create this account specifically to make this post. I was truly disappointed with the shear lack of customer service I received today. I don’t know what bothered me more that I felt like what I was seeking was reasonable or that the agent came across as dismissive and uncaring. I know sometimes their job can be difficult but ever heard the saying fake it till you make it. I purchased the early bird check in for my 14yr old sons flight, it’s a more reasonable cost than the $50 upgrade fee. He has some anxiety when he travels and gets nervous so it’s nice to get him on the plane just a little earlier so he can pick his seat and get settled before the plane gets to full. I had to make a change to his ticket after the 24hr window and lost the opportunity for early check in now I do know there’s a policy but is there a policy against being considerate and making reasonable exceptions. I explained to the gate agent the situation and asked if there would be any way for him to board just a little earlier even if it was at the very end of the Group A boarding she stated the only way he would be getting on earlier is to pay an additional $50 on top of the $25 I already paid for early bird check in. Overall it was just disappointing sometimes I see employees being really kind and considerate to others I just wish I would have lucked up and got one of those instead of someone who made me feel like I was trying to pull one over and wasting her time. It wasn’t like I was trying to get something for free and I truly believe the agent had the power to make a difference. Just disappointing. 


Re: Disappointing Customer Service

Aviator A

Changing your flight within 36 hours of departure does remove the EBCI functionality since those boarding positions are assigned 36 hours before departure. Yes, it would be nice if there was some way to accommodate changes within the 36 hour window. I would suggest you contact Southwest Customer Relations to discuss your experience. 


Contact Customer Relations



Re: Disappointing Customer Service

Aviator C

@Yoclay34   You're right, some people do things just out of kindness, but that is their prerogative, not policy.  Yes, do we wish all people would be more like that, OH YES!, but what I see is this person only did what their job asked for them to do.  It's the same with my work, at times I've bent, but more the most part, I do what my job requests I do, not more, never less.  Dang, just like my local bartender, people these days are under so much stress, lets give them a break too.