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Don't trust the people behind the desk at the gates

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I lost my cell phone and it was turned in by a customer who saw I was looking for something and told me she found a phone and turned it in at the desk at the gate. She even knew who the person was. When I went over to ask about it, she said she knew nothing about a phone.  The other customer approached her and told her she had handed over a phone and then she suddenly remembered she had received it but then said she put it down behind the desk but she does not know what happened to it.  I had spoken to the gate manager and he says that all lost items that are turned in go to him but he had not received any items.  Even after hearing the gate attendant admit to receiving the phone and then losing it, he did nothing to rectify the problem.  I was still expected to fill out a lost item form and wait.  Well of course it never showed up because the gate attendant was the last one to see it. The phone had all my families phone numbers and family members I had recently found numbers and had the plan to see them but wasn't able to contact them when I reached my destination.  No one was able to contact me since I did not have a phone.  My daughter did buy me a new phone and I feel SWA should have compensated us for the cost of the new phone.  It was only a low-cost flip phone. Just had to let others know.


Re: Don't trust the people behind the desk at the gates

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Sorry to hear about your experience with a lost phone and gate agent who wouldn't give it back because she lost it so quickly. I would Contact Customer Relations and hopefully they can help try and figure out what happened and maybe look in to any goodwill gestures that could be done or at the least they can document the issue for review internally. 



Re: Don't trust the people behind the desk at the gates

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Sorry to hear that this happened.


When did you lose your phone?


It might have made it's way to SW's lost and found operation.


You realize it sometimes takes as long 30 days after filing a lost item report for an item to be returned? If it hasn't been 30 days, give it a chance.