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Drivers License Doesn't Match Name on Ticket

Explorer C

I am in process of renewing DL in FL, and if I complete the renewal, due to the new ID requirements in FL, my name will be different on the DL than on the ticket for my flight later this week. 

1 - Is it possible to update the name on your SW ticket? 

2 - If not, would it be better to arrive with the expired license along with the Temporary Driving Permit that was issued to allow time to gather the necessary documents to update my license under the new ID rules?    OR to arrive with the current DL that reflects an additional name on my license? (For Example:  Betty Rogers Jones (as is) will become Ellen Betty Rogers Jones (under new ID requirements).


Thank you for any advice.




Re: Drivers License Doesn't Match Name on Ticket

Aviator A

First off, showing up with an expired ID won't do you any good so go ahead and get your license renewed. 


Changing names on a ticket seems to be a process that takes some time and is only allowed in certain situations. You could try reaching out to @SouthwestAir on Twitter and asking if it's possible.


My personal thinking is that TSA will not care/notice or they will allow you through with some additional questioning. As mentioned in another post, TSA has a process for people that completely forget their ID and there's no reason you couldn't just follow that process which is why I think a minor mismatch of your name isn't going to matter.


Here's the post I am referring to:


Lastly, do you perhaps have a passport with a name that matches your ticket? There are a couple other options for identification too,


Good luck, and please reply back and let us all know how it worked out for you. 

Re: Drivers License Doesn't Match Name on Ticket

Aviator A

The passport idea is great, and if you have Global Entry that ID card is also valid at the TSA checkpoint in lieu of a driver's license. (I actually had been planning to use mine as primary ID at TSA if Illinois didn't sync up with the Real ID requirements.)

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