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Early Bird Check In - Receipt Process

Explorer C

Currently, when booking the early bird check in, an email confirmation is typically sent, and at times I do not even receive this email. I have searched the site and I have not been able to locate an option in order to print off a receipt copy. In doing expense reports for multiple people, it is time consuming to have to call Southwest for a receipt. I have to leave a call back number, and it takes at least an hour for a response and sometimes a day or two before the receipt is emailed to me. Does anyone know if there is an option online? I would love a tip(s) on how to retrieve receipts. 


Re: Early Bird Check In - Receipt Process

Aviator A

Unfortunately, no. This has long been requested. It seems like an easy thing to implement, but there's no indication it's being worked on or will be implemented anytime soon. 😞