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Early Bird

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Hello, I will be flying with 2 other passengers and I'm the only one that purchased early bird check-in.  I know I will be checked in 36 hours in advance but do the other members on my itinerary have to check in too or can I hold seats for them?


Re: Early Bird

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Southwest doesn't have a policy on saving seats so you could save seats but I always recommend checking them in anyways at the 24 hour mark to get them on board sooner  and the best boarding position. 


happy travels


Re: Early Bird

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Hi @dlwilmot1,


Each Customer will need to check in to receive a boarding pass. Usually, the closer you can check in to 24 hours before the flight, the better your boarding pass will be. 


Re: Early Bird

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They still need to check in - if you are attempting to save two seats it will be a lot more comfortable for you if they are in the B's or early C's instead of last to board.


You may be subject to some grumbling if you are holding a row for the last two people to board!

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