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Early Check in refund

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So in the last week and a half my daughter paid for 7 early check ins for 2 different round trip destinations, all but one  with connections.  Five of those flights were severely delayed or cancelled, and had to be rebooked! How does she get refunded for not being able to actually use the early checkin? 

Her connection flight today out of San Jose, to Ontario California was cancelled right after she got off the plane in San Jose. What the heck is going on? Why so many non-weather problems? Why should she book again with Southwest with this kind of record? Why pay for an extra service, with no apparent refund if the service is not received? I am just truly confused about this!


Re: Early Check in refund

Top Contributor

EarlyBrid Check-In is technically "non-refundable," except when Southwest cancels the flight.


From the website:


Is EarlyBird Check-In refundable?

All EarlyBird Check-In purchases are nonrefundable. Customers who cancel their flight will forfeit the previously purchased EarlyBird Check-In option for that particular flight.

In the event that a flight is cancelled by Southwest, the EarlyBird Check-In purchased for the cancelled flight will be refunded.



Contact Customer Relations at 1-855-234-4654. If the hold times are too excessive (which is frequent) try contacting them through Twitter.