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Early baggage checking

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We're flying from Las Vegas Saturday at 5:55 am. Four adults, two small children, golf clubs, stroller, baggage.  We have one mini-van.  There's no way we can get all of us and our stuff into the van.  Can we check the large items Friday evening after on line check-in?  Then we'd just have our carryons and the stroller and car seats to deal with in the morning. 


Re: Early baggage checking

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Unfortunately, no -- 4 hours prior to scheduled departure is the earliest bags can be checked.


Re: Early baggage checking

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It is also worth noting that the check in desks probably do not open 4 hours before the first flight of the day, however.  You might reach out to the airport and/or Southwest via Twitter, if you have it, to find out what they they counter opens for bag checking.

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