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Early bird Terms

New Arrival

I paid $20 dollars for early bird checkin

One of my flights I am in 




the second leg of my flight I am in


late B-group


What happened?  I thought I was supposed ot be automatically checked-in!?!?!?  THis is very upsetting


Re: Early bird Terms

Top Contributor

EB does not guarantee that you will get a great baring position. It only guarantees that you

will get a better boarding position than anyone that checks himself in.


EB boarding are doled out in the order purchase, so if you bought your EB relatively late, you will not only have all the A-Listers in front of you, but all those that purchased EB before you will be in front of you too

Re: Early bird Terms

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Double check that it was actually applied to your itinerary. Does your boarding pass say EarlyBird Check-In on it? If not you can contact Customer Relations and request a refund. If so, then the advice above applies.


Contact Customer Relations 

Re: Early bird Terms

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EBCI doesn't guarantee A, but C is egregious. If EBCI is resulting in C, they need to assess if there should be a limit on the number of EBCI being sold.