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Early bird check in

Explorer C

If I pay for early bird check in, how can others that do not pay get a better line status? This makes no sense to me.  I know this occurred since a companion traveling with my group had a significantly better assignment.   Thoughts? 


Re: Early bird check in

Aviator A

Great question


all A List preferred, A List, and Early bird check ins are done 36 hours before the flight if someone that had say A21 as an A List member cancels there flight then who ever checks in next would get that A21. This happens because since people cancel last second and people miss connections all the time then there would be group D possibly E as well so sometimes people who didn't buy early bird and check in right at the 24 hour mark or wait until right when they get to the airport to check in will get a better spot because usually by that time flights have been missed opening up spots or changes making the spots open to the next person to check in. 


I hope this helps


happy Travles


Re: Early bird check in

Aviator A

A-List check-in is also before the Early Bird check-in, so if the difference you are talking about is from A16 to A30, that could be the difference.


Especially if the route has a lot of business travelers there could be many A-List people.

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Re: Early bird check in

Explorer C

Early Bird check in is a joke.  I paid $90 for three tickets, both legs of the trip, and ended up with B11, 12, and 13.  My brother, who is also traveling with his family, did not purchase it, and he has B21.  Won't get fooled again with this add-on.  

Re: Early bird check in

Explorer C

I just had the same the B's and paid for early bird. Wow......should have saved the money for drinks. Now I'll be sitting in a crappy seat AND I'll have no money for a beer!