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Early bird checkin and receipts

Explorer C

A suggestion: I've seen posted a couple of times the problem of not being able to find a receipt for Early Bird Check-in. I've had this problem too. It turns out the Early Bird charge is listed on the email receipt for the flight. Great. But the actual pain point for us customers is that we get a seperate line item charge on our monthly credit card statements. This means that when submitting receits to accounting departments, we have to indicate that one receipt covers two charges. This problem could be solved by either emailing two receipts or just processing one charge to our credit cards. Basically, the number of receipts should match the number of charges on credit card statements. Either solution will work.


Re: Early bird checkin and receipts

Explorer C

I agree with the person who posted regarding early bird checkin and reciept, I need a separate reciept so that I can get paid for the early bird checkin. I didn't really mind when the total was 30$-but now it's been upped to 50$ round trip, that's when it's time to get reimbursed.


Also, you need to add this process to the FAQ's, when you do a search the site assumes I'm an idiot and asks, "Do you mean early bird refunds?" No, if I was looking for that I would have put in refunds. lol. Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Early bird checkin and receipts

Aviator A

It would take an extra step, but if it is critical to you for having separate receipts in this case, can you book your ticket and then wait (an hour?) and then add EBCI to get a separate email?


I'm not exactly sure of the timing that would be necessary, but this might be an easy way to get the paperwork you need although it could move you back in the EBCI line behind anyone else that purchased it in the interim time between when you bought your ticket and first had the opportunity to buy EBCI.



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