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Early bird checkin on Layovers

Explorer C

I bought early bird check in for me and my kids. I only have 15 minutes to get to my connecting flight. If B or C is boarding when I get to the gate, whats the ediquet on me going straight to the front of the line .




Re: Early bird checkin on Layovers

Aviator A

Was this booked as one connecting flight on the SWA website? Are you sure it's not direct (land but no plane change)?


15 minutes is very, very tight for a connection, and as far as I know isn't something Southwest would sell. The 10 minute rule requires you to be at the gate at least 10 minutes prior to departure or your seats can be given away, and it's very unlikely that bags would make it to the new plane in 15 minutes. At 15 minutes prior to departure, the plane will be nearly (if not) completely loaded. If you have a A boarding pass and they're already on the Bs or Cs you can certainly cut to the front -- politely.

Re: Early bird checkin on Layovers

Explorer C

If you have 15 minutes between flights, when you get to the Southwest counter there will be nobody in line.  They'll all be boarded and most likely the doors will be shut and your tickets sold or given away to someone waiting on standby.   

Your only chance is to hope the connecting flight is delayed by 15 or 20 minutes.