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Early bird

Explorer C

I did early bird check in and paid the $30. I then checked in and got C 08 and C 09 boarding. What is the point of early bird? I would have got those letters on a normal check in?? I feel like it’s a scam!! 


Re: Early bird

Aviator B

This could be a reason


"Customers who have purchased Anytime Fares will receive priority over Customers who purchase Early Bird with other fare types. Boarding positions are assigned based on the time stamp of the EarlyBird Check-In purchase relative to passengers within the same fare class."

Re: Early bird

Aviator A

It's also important to note that A List members are checked in before Early Bird people and there is no limit to the number of people who can buy the EB check in so 100 people could buy it and have 25 A listers plus pre boarders and Business select and that would fill a plane with people who bought EB check in as an example situation. 


I am A List and I had a flight where I was B15 that's because there were 70 A List members going from AUS to DAL so it is possible and that would not be a scam Just a rare situation 



Re: Early bird

Aviator A

C positions with EBCI are rare, but they do happen. When did you purchase EBCI? Positions are assigned based on order of purchase. Also, double-check that your boarding pass actually says "EarlyBird Check-In" on it, as it may have dropped off due to an infamous Southwest "glitch." If it's not indicated on your boarding pass, you are due a refund of the fee.