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Early bird

Explorer C

Why should I pay for Early Bird when more and more people are saving seats? I was on a flight recently where passengers were saving entire rows. I am a loyal  SW customer who always buys EB but it really irritates me when one out of a group pays the $15 and then the rest of the group benefits by getting the best seats without paying for the benefit. It's very unfair. 


Re: Early bird

Explorer C

I would tell the stewards. It's not fair to the paying customers ! 

Re: Early bird

Explorer C

They can't really save full rows, I would talk to the flight attendants,  if the seat is open - it is fair game.  However I am not sure I would want to sit next to someone that is going to be feisty about me being in their row.  🙂

Good luck!

Re: Early bird

Aviator A

Unfortunately, Southwest allows seat saving -- including full rows. There is no policy for or against seat saving, so FA's do not want to get involved.


So telling the FA would do no good.


Seat saving is a contentious issue, and is often a topic of heated discussion here. In fact, the most recent thread was closed by the moderators, after they noted that Southwest has no intention of creating a policy against seat saving anytime soon.