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Early check-in for companion

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Learned something new yesterday.


I’m A-List Preferred and my wife flies with me on Companion Pass periodically. For several years, I’ve bought Early Bird Check-In when she’s been traveling with me on CP.

i canceled some tix yesterday with refund to my CC of the airport fees. Called SWA customer service on another question and asked if EBCI was still non-refundable if canceling a ticket.


Yes, it’s non-refundable, but I was told I don’t need it. If my wife is traveling with me on CP, she now automatically gets early check-in since I’m premium status. This is evidently a new policy within the past few months from what I was told. That’s great!


It made me think of the test period a few years back at a couple airports including DAL) where Southwest allowed companions to board with their A1-15 flying partners no matter their own assigned position. Maybe that has a chance of resurrection once we get past COVID.


Re: Early check-in for companion

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That's cool - thanks for sharing this!

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Re: Early check-in for companion

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You could tell SW that you'd like to see that happen by contacting Customer Relations.