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Easy ways to fix the boarding process.

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Handicapped boarders and the assistents seats should be flagged and these folks required to wait until everyone else deplanes at the destination to ensure their safety.


Institute and enforce a No Saving Seats policy.


Enforce the baggage policy already in place.


Enforce the family boarding policy already in place.


These are the easay ways in which Southwest can fix the boarding problems. Or, if they just don't care, we can fix it ourselves by only flying airlines with reserved seats.


Unless Southwest is willing to fix this, my upcoming trip in October will be my last Southwest flight.


You can make your own choices of course. Continue to complain, just put up with it, or take your business elsewhere.


Re: Easy ways to fix the boarding process.

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@FrequentOneas another customer I agree that enforcment of existing policies is critical (for Southwest or any other company).  I will also note that I love that Southwest empowers their teams to make decisions at the local level.


I didn't see it listed in your post so I'm including this post with the link for the Southwest page for "Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint".

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Re: Easy ways to fix the boarding process.

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my choice is to accept free-range boarding as a good business model that allows me the freedom to select a seat, and then if a highly perfumed-cologned person or an animal comes close, I can choose another seat.  I think that generally the boarding agents follow the required regulations and enforce the baggage policies in a manner that is acceptable to me and if they occasionally bend a rule without compromising safety, that is okay with me.  The free range boarding keeps the prices lower (along with a good Rewards program and good kind employees) and that is what I really like.  As a short-haul frequent flyer, they are competing with my car because I have take other airlines from time to time but I generally prefer the SWA way and the people.

Re: Easy ways to fix the boarding process.

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I suspect that the vast majorty of the 163,000,000+ people that flew with Southwest last year disagree with you that the boarding process is broken. But as stated earlier, Southwest welcomes comments and suggestion from passengers.