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Electronic Boarding Pass

New Arrival

Very frustrated trying to obtain an electronic boarding pass.  When I called SW customer service I was told that only one passenger's board pass can be electronic when the reservation was made jointly.  When I asked why, I was told that's just the way the software works.  Nonsense like this is why I usually fly Delta.  Their app is a breeze to use and obtain electronic boarding passes.


Re: Electronic Boarding Pass

Top Contributor

In a multiple passenger reservation, if passengers have their RR account number associated with a reservation then they can log into the app on their own device and see their own boarding pass.  There are some circumstances that this functionality isn't allowed, but that's the general way it works.  Within the Southwest app you would not be able to see multiple passengers' boarding passes on your single device.  The workaround is to log into your account on the app, load the boarding pass, take a screenshot, then log out and log into the other account, load the boarding pass, take a screenshot.  That would give you both boarding passes.  Yes, a bit of a hassle.