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Elusive seat

Adventurer C

I pay extra to get business select boarding and I tell my self I might as well go for the holy grail of seats (12A). I end up A02 boarding position and am pretty confident that no preboarders would get it and the number one person surely would want a bulkhead.
I'm stroling confidently up to the isle only to find this skinny but dapper gentleman with a scarf doing the same, not interested in a bulkhead. I'm figuring he'll go left to the extit row or the back.

Son of a gun. He starts a conversation with the flight attendent and slips right into 12A.

I don't feel left out. The 12F seat I got was pretty roomy. Maybe next time. 


Re: Elusive seat

Aviator A

Happens like that sometimes. It's just a crapshoot. Even if no one in front of you wants a certain seat, if your plan has through passengers on it who are continuing on to the next destination, they might be in your preferred seat as well. 

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Elusive seat


So close!


I'm rooting for you; let us know when you finally land it