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Excessive Carry On Items

Frequent Flyer B

Traveling in the Southeast and Midwest, I see people who clearly violate the carry on rules.  Not only in count, but size.


Recently I saw a passenger standing in the line, first passenger lined up, who had two large wheeled bags and a picture that was about 4 feet long, two feet wide.  The gate agent stood there and announced all of the carry on limits and let the person get on the plane like that.


For these reasons, no one wants to follow the rules anymore.  If they do not apply to everyone, they apply to no one.


I hear all of the clatter about preboarding and such.  Start enforcing the carry on rules and if the bags are outside the limits of the diagram at the gate, refuse to allow them on board.


Re: Excessive Carry On Items

Frequent Flyer A

Hey, this is great feedback. Can you make sure to also share it directly with the airline via the Contact Us button or DM on social media? 

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Re: Excessive Carry On Items

Frequent Flyer B

Maybe the gate agents should do their jobs?