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Family Boarding question

Adventurer A

I have been flying Southwest for years and this has never come up for me. My daughter, her husband and 2 daughters ages 9 and 6 are flying next week. Can they all board during family boarding or will 2 of them have to board at their assigned position? Also, do they have to go to the desk at the gate to get special boarding passes to board during family boarding? Thanks!!


Re: Family Boarding question

Aviator A

Going by the letter of the policy one parent can board during family boarding with the 6 year old and the other parent would board with the 9 year old in their assigned boarding position.  I suspect most gate agents won't say anything and will let everyone board together during family boarding.  No special boarding pass or anything required, just approach the gate after A boarding completes and they will announce family boarding.



Re: Family Boarding question

Frequent Flyer B

Technically the 9 year old does not qualify to board in the family boarding between the A and B groups, I doubt they will challenge your daughter's group if everyone stays together and approaches the gate together during "Family boarding."

Best of luck