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Feedback on Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Explorer C

Recently, I found out about an incident involving an Los Angles California Southwest Gate Attendant who humiliated a young epileptic child during a pre-boarding flight. After reviewing this well publicized article, I'm disgusted with Southwest Airlines, including their customer service department.  


I find it hard to put my trust, in an airline who allows their employees to bully a five year old epileptic and post her personal information on a well publized social media site.  My trust in Southwest is shaken to the core. How, can I trust an airline whose staff; delights in bullying children, because they are board and have nothing better to do. 


How can I trust an airline, whose staff would post personal passenger information on a well known media site; what is wrong with Southwest Airline's staff?  Due to this recent article, including Southwest Airlines' lack of disciplinary action toward the gate attendent in the article caught doing so. I have decided not to frequent Southwest Airlines ever again.


My hope is that Southwest Airlines will take a dim view on this behavior in the future and never allow this type of behavior to be tolerated by staff ever, again.



Disgusted with Southwest Airlines Customer Service Department


Re: Feedback on Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Aviator A



As I've said about this topic before, individual employees sometimes do stupid things. 


Southwest did not "allow" the employee to do this. Southwest did not condone the behavior.


How do you know what disciplinary action was taken? You say none was. How do you know that -- you don't.


Look on the internet and you'll find every airline has examples of employees that do stupid things.

remember the United employee that put the dog overhead (against policy) and the dog dies?


Do what you want. If that means not flying Southwest, then so be it.


However, I am not going to let you get away with bashing the airline for the actions of a single rouge employee.

Re: Feedback on Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Frequent Flyer A

If I can jump in, while it was certaining disrespectful of this employee, these types of incidents can happen anywhere, and with any company. When they do occur, it's the job of a good company to retrain, or in some instances, remove the employee from that position.


Hoping you give Southwest another chance,



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Re: Feedback on Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Aviator A

Was this about Abcde? Your post is the fist time I've seen mentioned anything about her having an illness or disability.


The issue about the staff was discussed at length on another thread, and I think everyone agrees that the behavior was innapproprite and I would expect severe consequences for that staff member, but understand that the staff member has rights as well so the disciplinary action may not be made public. Southwest may reach out to Abcde personally I would hope some LUV, but that's not something a member of the public is entitled to know.









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