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First time flyers

Explorer C

hi guys! My boyfriend and I are traveling from BNA to MCO in August and are both first time fliers. I’m a little confused as how we receive our plane tickets, and also any advice that you all have for us is well welcomed! 
thanks in advance!


Re: First time flyers

Frequent Flyer C

There no true “paper” tickets anymore, at least not in the traditional sense. 

Generally, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation from SWA via email, which serves as your ticket (based on your confirmation number).


If you want a piece of paper you can just print that email and any gate agent will be able to look up your flight based on the confirmation number. 

Of course you still need to check-in and get your boarding pass, which you can download to your smartphone or print and present at TSA security. 


Enjoy your trip. 

Re: First time flyers

Aviator A

Great advice above. You can find more information about checking in, baggage, airport information, and in flight entertainment at this site,



Re: First time flyers

Aviator A

@Kannab72 How fun! BNA is my home airport as well, although I miss it something fierce right now!


SW's site is very helpful; here is a good place to start.


You might also check out this site's Knowledge Base for all kinds of helpful info about the process of flying with SW.


I opt for mobile boarding passes, but you can print your own at home or at the airport.  Check out the links about for how you check in, and be sure to do that 24 hours before your flight.


Good luck!


-A List, Companion Pass holder