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First time here? Introduce yourself!


First time here? Long-time reader, but never posted? Introduce yourself!


And if you haven't already, check out this Welcome Post for all the info on this community.


I'll start: I'm Michael - a Texas native based in Dallas. Most of my travel is for fun; my wife and I like to get out of town, whether it's for a day, a weekend, or a full vacation!


We recently did a day trip to Chicago (first time in that city) and, last year, did our first overseas trip (Japan).


Outside of work and travel, I'm usually on 2 wheels - mountain bikes, motorcycles, whatever!


Re: First time here? Introduce yourself!

New Arrival

Jeffery - U.S. Army Veteran - raised in New Hampshire

First enlistment Infantry: Camp Liberty Bell, S. Korea - 9th Inf,  Ft Bragg - 82nd Airborne Div

Second enlistment Pilot: Ft. Rucker - Flight School, Ft Bragg - 82nd Aviation Reg


Facorite place to travel - ARUBA !


Live in Bay Area California now - DON'T MISS THE WINTERS !



Re: First time here? Introduce yourself!

Active Member



Former Dallasite, former SWA Employee, now residing in Bay Area California learning all about the tech industry. Favorite place to travel? Give me Europe any day of the week! 


Former Employee, Fan for Life.