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Fishing Rod Baggage Policy???

New Arrival

Hi, I wanted some clarification on the fishing rod oversize baggage policy.  It states up to 91 inches is allowed.  Does that mean 91 inches and under will not be charged an oversized fee or does that mean over 91 inches would be charged a fee?  My rod is 8' 6" which would make it 102 inches or about 103 inches in a tube.  Is the 103 inch rod able to be checked in?


Re: Fishing Rod Baggage Policy???

Active Member

It's possible that the 91" limit may be due to the dimensions of the the cargo hold (i.e. anything longer just won't fit). I suggest contacting Southwest directly with your question. You can find the contact information here:

Re: Fishing Rod Baggage Policy???

Rising Star

I agree with @rtbarron that you should contact SWA directly to be on the safe side. I will say however on my last trip to Cabo, I had no issues with checking my rod along with those who I was flying with. 

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