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Flight 251 Denver to Houston (Hobby)

Explorer C

Never before have I seen such aggressive and unwarranted behavior from a flight attendant aboard Flight 251 from Denver to Houston Hobby on 3.6.2022. 


Her accusatory demeanor delayed our flight by over 90 minutes (arriving in Houston at 1:00 AM) due to the fact she had a passenger removed from the plane who did not do ANYTHING wrong. 


How do I know he didn't do anything to violate FAA rules? Because the passenger re-boarded and the flight attendant was removed from the flight. 


Southwest Airlines, your people represent you. I hope you address the behavior of this flight attendant and she is reprimanded. 


We appreciate the professionals who keep us safe in the sky and I assure you, she was everything but professional to your brand. 




Re: Flight 251 Denver to Houston (Hobby)

Aviator A

Since this is a customer to customer forum you can submit your comments directly to Southwest. Use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message.



Re: Flight 251 Denver to Houston (Hobby)

Frequent Flyer B

There is so much more  to the travel experience then "lateness" and "rudeness"

L and R  in industry

Re: Flight 251 Denver to Houston (Hobby)

Aviator C

Since she was removed from the flight, I surmise they already know about it.  I don't think they need your input.


Nor do we need to know about it.  Hearsay on an extremely isolated incident?  It doesn't affect us.  We don't have any input for you.


But hope you feel better getting it off your chest.

Re: Flight 251 Denver to Houston (Hobby)

Frequent Flyer C



Southwest usually compensates passengers for delays that resulted from incidents like this.


You're lucky in that you may have been one of the few passengers who would witness something like this, as this is not something that Southwest is known for. Don't let a single outlier experience affect your overall view of the company. People aren't perfect, and sometimes, things like this do happen.


I'm sure Southwest will follow up on this issue and appropriate action will be taken. You are right in that this is not what Southwest is known for.


Safe travels!