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Flight Check in

Explorer C

How early can you check in for a flight me and my mom and friend are going to Las Vegas this Sunday. So are we allowed to check in early or not because we don't leave till Sunday. I got a email about check in but is too early to check inwe book out flight back in December.


any suggestions will be helpful


Re: Flight Check in

Aviator A

Assuming you didn't purchase EarlyBird Check-In, you can check in online beginning at 24 hours prior to departure. Your boarding position is assigned based on the time you check in, so doing so as close to exactly 24 hours prior is a good idea.

Re: Flight Check in

Adventurer B

Rather than wait until being within the 24 hours before departure window, how about offering one's boarding sequence number based on when the ticket is purchased, rather than opening the "24 hours free-for-all?"  The 24 hours thing is inherently unfair to local boarding passengers anyway because passengers connecting in from a previous flight were given numerical access before the local boarding folks.  The date of purchase sequence gives everyone the same opportunity.