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Flight Delay

Adventurer C

Recently I had several experience with flight delays due to the plane was not there at the time for boarding or just arrived at the gate. My last time the plane arrived few minutes before boarding but they were able to get people on the plane on time. I told my wife it is great so we may get home a little bit earlier since they always put about 30 minutes margin in schedule. Unfortunately, I spoke too soon !!! A pilot (not sure from which airlines) who fly standby for free was late and end up we have to wait for him about 25 minutes and he seemed not care by taking easy to put his carry on to the bin. When we were on the air, the piplot announced that it is unusal instead got tail wind (LAS to PHL), we got crosswind therefore the flight took longer end up we were late by 40 minutes!!!


Anyone has similar experience the plane was not there at the time for boarding? So far I can say in my case it is about 80%.