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My family and I are flying for the first time in a looooong time. We fly out the 27th, are we needing to provide proof of a negative Covid test in order to fly? I've heard mixed answers so I figure I'd go to those who fly frequently as it's been 20+ years for me. Thank you.


Re: Flight Protocal

Top Contributor

The need to provide a negative covid test depends on where you are traveling. Not all destinations require a negative test and some destinations require a 14 day quarantine. You can check out the resource page Here  for information on your specific destination it also doesn't hurt to Google travel restrictions to (your destination) in case new restrictions were put in to place since southwest website was last updated. 


Since you haven't flown in awhile a few changes have taken place these days:


With flying masks are required when flying southwest. Southwest no longer blocks middle seats if your booked on a flight that will have middle seats occupied you will get an email from Southwest about 3 days before departure where you can change your flight to a less full flight for free if one exists. 


Boarding is taking place in groups of 10 and on board it water service and a snack mix only and masks must be worn all flight other than when actively eating or drinking. If you want something else to drink or eat be sure you buy it before boarding (no personal alcohol may be consumed during flight)