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Flight Status

Explorer C

You used to be able to set a flight notification and get an email or text with any changes. That is now gone and no more pushing these important statuses to us.  I believe the only way is to keep going to the app or website and looking for flight status.  I had sent a note to customer service and they told me this was not going away, but now it is gone.  Is it gone forever?  This was important feature for a frequent flyer.


Re: Flight Status

Aviator A

When completing a purchase on you can opt in for text messages, but those are very unreliable and often only get sent for major delays. I highly recommend an app such as FlightView. It allows you to enter your flights and will notify you of any changes to the schedule or gate. It's also handy for tracking incoming flights if you are picking someone up or want to know when your plane will arrive at your point of departure.



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