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Flying w/ a Surfboard

New Arrival

I will be flying in September to Orlando from PDX with 2 checked bags and a 8.5 ft foam/ longboard surfboard weighs about 30lbs total. I've tried asking Customer Service via phone and email and neither one can provide me an idea of what what the approximate cost it would be to take it with. 


So I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in this situation with SouthWest and  could offer any advice etc. Thanks in advance! 


Re: Flying w/ a Surfboard

Top Contributor

I'm surprised that Southwest employees could not answer the question because the answer is stated in Southwest FAQs


" Surfboard for any flights other than flights between the islands of Hawaii or that exceeds the weight allowance for flights between the islands of Hawaii. Keels and fins must be removed and placed in carryon or checked baggage. May be subject to a limited release of liability as outlined in the Contract of Carriage – Passenger."


It counts as a checked bag -- free if there are two or less.


So the answer to your question, assuming your two checked bags are within size and weight limits is .............$75 total

Re: Flying w/ a Surfboard

New Arrival

Awesome, I really appreciate your time and assistance with this 🙂 Thank you!