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Flying with Kids

Explorer C

Hello! I am flying with my 3 kids, ages 7, 6, and 3. I have a few questions. 


1. The Southwest website says family boarding is for kids 6 and under. It says that only 2 adults pay board with the kids 6 and under. If I end up in B-group or C-group and board during family boarding, this policy reads like my 7 year old could not board with us and would have to wait and board later. Will someone be able to help her understand how to accomplish this? She certainly won't understand how to do it herself. If we wait to board with our assigned group, we all might not be able to sit together. Has anyone had this dilemma? What's the best route to go to maximize your chances of sitting together and not terrifying a 7 year old child? 

2. If I upgrade to A1-15 boarding on my ticket only, does that mean only I can board early and my kids will have to board by themselves later? Or are they also able to board with me even though they won't be A1-15? 



Re: Flying with Kids

Adventurer C

I would assume they would let the entire family do the family pre-board since two of them are 6 and under, but suppose it is up to the gate agent.  I can't imagine they would not let the 7 year old board.


If you upgrade A1-A15 would only be you, no one else in the party


If the children are linked to your reservation, which I assume they are, you could pay for early check in, and I believe everyone linked to the reservation checks in at the same time.  However, if you are not A status you probably end up in late A or early B anyway so may as well save the money and do the pre-board which is in between A and B

Re: Flying with Kids

Explorer C

I get two free A1-15 upgrades per year. Would be nice to utilize it since it's free. If I utilized it on my ticket, does that mean my 7 year old, 6 year old, and 3 year old would have to board by themselves at the spot designated on their ticket? Would an employee help them figure out where they should board since they won't understand the process?