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Food from home

Explorer C

Can I bring food from home to eat on the plane?


Re: Food from home

Aviator A

You sure can.


You can't bring more than (I think) 3.4 ounces of liquid thu security, but you can bring an empty bottle which you can fill with water after you have cleared security. Likewise you can buy any other beverage (except alcoholic) once past the security check, and you can bring it on the plane, too.

Re: Food from home

Aviator A

With the current COVID19 going on I would highly recommend bringing snacks with you because i just flew last Friday and yesterday and a lot of the food options we're closed. I learned the hard way when I got to San Antonio airport on Friday at 5pm and the only thing open was a place to buy a book or bag of chips/candy every food place was closed. In Denver the only place I found open was a McDonald's on the A concourse at 9pm. On the plane you get a snack mix and a can of water 



Re: Food from home

Frequent Flyer C

@Will_Grant wrote:

Can I bring food from home to eat on the plane?

Only if you bring enough for everyone on the plane.