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Found Mac Book Pro

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My daughter left her Mac Book Pro in the chair when she boarded her plane last Wed in Houston going to San Antonio.  When she got to SA, she realized it and the SA gate called the Houston gate and the Houston gate HAD her computer.  They told her to make a claim, which she did while standing there and now no one knows anything.  The computer is gone and no one is any help when you call the Lost and Found numbers.  She went back to Hobby a few days later and they told her the laptop is in Alambama but they don't really know.  What???  Why is this so difficult?  Anyone have any new number to call or suggestions?


Re: Found Mac Book Pro

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Here's informtion from Southwest about what to do about the lost laptop.


When you realize that Southwest wll fly something more than 160 million people this year, lost and found becomes a fairly time consuming process. If just 1 in 10,000 people loses an item, that means that Southwest will have to try to find 16,000 itmes this year. There are procedures that employees follow, and I'm sure there are data bases to update.


I can only suggest that you give Southwest a bit of time to try to sort things out. Yes that is frustrating, but it takes time to let the process work.