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Gate Updates on Mobile Boarding Pass

New Arrival

I have flown UAL, DAL, and AAL and I have noticed that my mobile boarding pass updates with the current gate information on a regular basis.


I am requesting SWA implement this feature with their mobile boarding passes. If I load my mobile boarding pass into my wallet at 24-hours prior to departure, understandably it will not have the departure gate information. However when I arrive at the airport a few minutes to a few hours before my flight, I should be able to see the current departure gate for my flight on the mobile boarding pass.


In addition I have noticed on the AAL mobile boarding pass that there is a yellow circle around the gate information (or any other changed information such as departure time) that has changed. It is a very handy and convenient feature.


Please, pretty please, SWA.






Re: Gate Updates on Mobile Boarding Pass


Hi There!


Super blast from the past ... but wanted to let you know that we did implement this change a few months back.  


Now your mobile boarding pass saved to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet will automatically update if any of the following changes:

  • Boarding Gate Changes
  • Boarding Time Changes
  • Departure Time Changes

Hope that helps and thanks for flying Southwest!


-Mark Hursh

Director of Digital Customer Platforms - Marketing

Southwest Airlines

Re: Gate Updates on Mobile Boarding Pass

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This is great to hear!

-A List Preferred, Companion Pass holder, Community Champion.

Re: Gate Updates on Mobile Boarding Pass

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Awesome! Previously I would either keep checking app and/or my third-party apps, or and re-download the boarding pass if I wanted to keep a new record of it with any changes.



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