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Golf club travel bag

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I will have my golf clubs in a soft sided travel bag and the rules say they are suspect to a “ limited release “ 


what does that mean ? 


Re: Golf club travel bag

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that means that, if the golf clubs are damaged,  the airline will not accept any liability.


the airline is basically saying "items shipped that way do get damaged, but if you want to ship that way, we'll transport the item, but if it is damaged, it is on you.


Hard cases do not have the exception.

Re: Golf club travel bag

Active Member

My soft side hard top golf bag has taken a beating over the years, but it has done the job of protecting my clubs. And they fly "free"

Re: Golf club travel bag

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Flying free for pretty much the basic size is such a great perk. Just try and protect them and y'all should be good to go.

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