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Great Southwest Service Today from HOU to LAS

Explorer C

Shout out to Don @ the gate and Kennedy @flight attendant. These guys really know customer service. Thank you for helping my day start off excellent! How? I was bummed because i forgot to check-in early for my flight yesterday and got the dreaded c-status. I asked Don where and how I could possibly pay for an upgrade in my boarding position. He directed me to the customer service desk where they informed me it would be $60 extra $s. I said no thank you. Don was kind enough to turn the situation around and wish me a happy belated birthday and let me board early with the pre-boarding group. Then when i was in flight, Kennedy wished me a happy birthday. I said, “did Don tell you?!” He laughed and said yes and also offered me a free “upgraded” beverage as another belated bday gift. These simple gestures helped me have a much better day. Thank you Don & Kennedy for making the skies a friendlier place to be :0)


Re: Great Southwest Service Today from HOU to LAS

Aviator A

That's great that you had such a good experience.  You may want to write to Southwest directly so they can learn of your great service.  Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.