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Great Southwest personnel continue to amaze me

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Yesterday, Aug 28, was the crazy day at New Orleans airport due to Hurricane Ida’s approach.  Arrived at the airport allowing four hours due to the increase in people.  Daughter made it just as the flight’s C group was boarding.  The pilot decided to hold the plane for a little time to see if other folks might make it, and a flight attendant dashed back to security to pick up my daughter’s forgotten watch.  So very kind, even in all the craziness.  Not sure of the name, but to the flight attendants from MSY #4925, you are the best. Thank you at the crew for getting passengers out safely.  


Re: Great Southwest personnel continue to amaze me

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So glad your daughter was able to make the flight and glad the crew got your daughters watch that was left behind at security. 


Stay safe and i hope you make it though this storm ok.