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Great job Flight Attendants!

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On the afternoon of November 25, 2019 on Flight 1573 from San Jose to LAX, one of the boarded passengers had a seizure, fainted, and threw up in her seat just before take-off. The flight attendants, whose names I did not catch, handled the situation like true professionals: calmly, discreetly, efficiently, and with great kindness. Our flight was delayed 20 minutes, and turbulence prevented tthe distributon of refreshments during the 40 minute flight, but after witnessing our flight attendants handle a difficult and unexpected occurrence in the best possible way, we knew we were in good hands. Hat's off to the flight crew on Flight 1573!


Re: Great job Flight Attendants!

Top Contributor

Thanks for sharing. This is a customer forum and customers do like to read about the outstanding service the airline provides.


You can insure the crew gets deserved credit for their actions by letting the airline know about it.