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Great promotion that you only get when you fly with SOUTHWEST AIRLINES

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For all the complaints that I read on here, (and yes, I've posted a complaint too) I'm going to say this, on no other, LET ME REPEAT, on no other airlines do you have the opportunity to earn a companion pass.  I love this opportunity to get this award and has saved me 10's of thousands of dollars.  Since I first made it to gain a companion pass about 8 years ago, I estimate that I've flow at least 100 flights the somebody flew free with me.  I just want to thank SWA for this program and hope that it is an award that continues well into the future.   And the bonus to this is, I'd say if you have enough points to earn a companion pass, then you've also got an A-List to boot.  SWA THANK YOU.


Re: Great promotion that you only get when you fly with SOUTHWEST AIRLINES

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I LUV the Companion pass. I had it for 2 years it was amazing. Having earned it for the 2 months is also great it has saved me $600 just in the 2 months during this promo Companion pass. 


I hope they keep the Companion pass as well. Best airline perk out there. 



Re: Great promotion that you only get when you fly with SOUTHWEST AIRLINES

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Agreed @SWFlyer007.


CP has literally shaped how my family is able to stay close and able to travel in a way that is affordable for us -- pre-COVID at least.


CP + RR points have allowed us to take trips we would never have been able to, and it is amazing for my family to be able to hop on a flight to see family and friends without much thought.


COVID wrecked my work travel that truly enabled me to achieve CP, so I am not sure we will have it in the future. And that is OK. I am thankful to have had it these past few years, and I am thankful SW has extended last year's CP through the end of this year!


It is interesting to note that there seem to be a surprising number of CP holders who are not A Listers since many folks use credit cards to achieve CP. Both are incredible perks, especially if you have them together!


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Re: Great promotion that you only get when you fly with SOUTHWEST AIRLINES

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My wife and I live in separate cities right now.   I thought using the CP would be tough.   Ironically,  Covid made it easier,  since I spend more time working remotely, with her... either at her house or somewhere more exotic. 


And more over, the extra CP she earned for Jan and Feb means we're taking weekend vacations with the kids.   Double the benefits. 


With all the complaining that people can't use it,  it seems unreasonable for SWA to extend it ad nauseum until 2022 or 2023 so that everyone feels they got "what they earned".  I earned my pass this year,  so the extension does me no good. 


But if they wanted to increase load factors THIS year,  finding some way to issue "companion companion passes" might be interesting.   My wife is paying for her tickets for these Jan Feb trips,  and we take the kids.   She'll be my companion again on March 1.


Not sure how they could implement it,  but expanding the CP for 2021 rather than extending it might bring them revenue and placate the whiners.  Maybe.