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Group Tickets

Explorer B

Can you add your Southwest Rapid Rewards number to a Group Travel Confirmation? I know you can't add early bird, but I am an A List member and would like that to show up on my boarding pass. I am hoping that with that on my confirmation and boarding pass, I would either get checked in early or could board after A Group if I was in a later boarding group.

Thanks for any advice!


Re: Group Tickets

Frequent Flyer B

I don't think you can add it to your group reservation but you should still be able to board after the A boarding group. Last I remember, to get points from a group reservation you have to contact Customer Relations after your travel is complete and they would add the points to your account.

Re: Group Tickets

Aviator A



You might call reservations and could also try calling group reservations (if your not successful by calling reservations then try calling the group desk) and see if they have a way to add it before the flight I was successful on one group reservation In the past and not successful on another group reservation (maybe someone new who didn't know how to do it or a policy change)  


I know you can get points after travel is complete by requesting past flight credit. 


Of course if you can't get the RR number added before the flight you can always try to add it at the gate and at a minimum they should let you board between A and B groups even if they can't add the number as long as they could verify your A List. On the one group reservation I was on where the number couldn't be added they just stamped XT on my boarding pass and I was able to board between A and B groups no problem even with it not showing my A List. 


hope it works out for you!