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HOLD Forever

Explorer C

I have never been placed on hold for so long in my life! over 55minutes at this point with no response at all. Its midnight and I am trying to change a flight that will take off in the morning and the website won't let me do it. This customer service is so bad. Why is no one answering the phones. 


Re: HOLD Forever

Aviator C

@vbkelly56I always have good luck reaching out to SW on Twitter. The longest I have  had to wait for a response back has been minutes. Give that a try... hopefully the outcome will be positive for you. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: HOLD Forever

Aviator A

I'm sorry you are experiencing that!  You might also use the Live Chat funcationlity in the SW app.  The response time is much quicker!

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: HOLD Forever

Aviator A



sorry to hear you had had a long hold last night. I believe the reason the hold times were so long had to due with the weather in Texas lots of flight delays and cancellations on top of the MAX 8 cancellations which means lots of phone calls. 


Hope you got through and we’re able to get things changed