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Handling of pets

Explorer C

On November 30, 2018, I was checking in at curbside when a passenger and her dog passed by.  As I looked up, to my horror, the dog was raising its leg to urinate on my suitcase. I screamed and stomped my foot and the dog lowered its leg. The owner gave me a glaring look and pulled the dog away. Within two feet, the dog began to squat and dedicated. The baggage handlers had to beg the woman to clean up the feces. Within a few more feet the dog had two more bowel movements. Again, the baggage handlers begged the woman to discard the feces. 


I was completely shocked and taken aback by the owner’s uncaring attitude and how she wasn’t minding her pet. As I’m allergic to dogs, I was really upset by this and prayed they were not on my flight. Of course they sat in the row in front of me. 


I informed the boarding agent and flight attendants of what occurred. Slowly, I was able to calm down. Throughout the flight I wondered what would have happened if this type of incident occurred while in flight. Would passengers have had to endure the odor of urine and feces? Yuk! How is this handled? 


Re: Handling of pets

Frequent Flyer A

Oh, wow! That's not a plesant sight to witness, and defintely not one to think of either.


Regarding the airline's pet rules, Southwest states that:

A pet that engages in disruptive behavior may be denied boarding. Examples of disruptive behavior include (but are not limited to):

  • Scratching, excessive whining or barking
  • Growling, biting, lunging
  • Urinating or defecating in the cabin or gate area.

Hopefully, this prevents certain pets from ever boarding the flight.


I'd also suggest you share this via Contact Us as well:




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